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Friday, July 30, 2010

Weigh In day early

Thankfully, it's a long weekend here in Halifax as we celebrate Natal Day!  I really can use an extra day off right now.  Vacation seems to take a long time to come around, when you haven't had a week off since November. An extra day here and there is refreshing!

We are leaving tonight for PEI to visit some great friends.  I am dreaming of Corona and hot favorite pass time, when visiting them on the island! Since we are leaving tonight, I decided that Friday would be my weigh in day. I didn't want  to bring along my scale and look like a total dweeb...but don't put it past me!! I have been known to go away and bring it with me.  The trip even involved an airplane ride ~giggle~!

Here are the results of my first week:

OHHHH EMMMM GEEEEEE  I lost 5.2 lbs this week!!!!!
I am in shock as I don't think I have ever lost that much in a week EVER!!! For the 6 or plus times I have done Weight Watchers or any other program,it would take me forever to lose that much!!

 In other great news I have completed week one of the C25k running program. I have started this program a few times before. I have never ever finished week one before. I must admit the first two run portions of the first week, felt like I had cement blocks attached to my legs. I literally was putting one foot in front of the other and moving at a very slow pace.  Yesterdays run felt like "old times".  I was running and my body was moving like it use to (although the jiggle of my butt and belly and boobies is there) and I wanted to scream at the top of my lungs " I am doing it". 

About three weeks ago I was driving home from Windsor and a hummingbird flew in my window.

Poor birdie! I thought it was a rock  that had grazed my head.  I kept thinking how lucky I was to not have been knocked out while driving! I was going to pull over to find the rock, as I figured it was in the back seat.  The traffic was quite heavy, and I decided to keep driving and look for it when I arrived home.  Ten minutes later I need a lip fix.  I am ADDICTED to this Cocoa lip shimmer.  There on the seat was "the dead hummingbird". What I thought was a rock flying in the window, was a poor little hummingbird.
I knew if a bird pooped on you, it was thought to be good luck. Now I am thinking this little hummingbird knocked a bit of sense in my head and has set me on my way.......whatever it takes ladies... I will get to goal.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

See that picture right there below

That is not quite what I see in the mirror. I knew I had put on a good twenty pounds in the last few months. I can feel it when I sit,my boobies and stomach touch LOL. I knew I was bigger and nothing really fits right anymore,in fact, other than Lululemon yoga pants, nothing fits!!! BUT when I look in the mirror I wonder why I don't see quite the same girl?? I am shocked at the roundness of my face,and well the rest....I want it GONE! I just wish I could take a giant vacuum and suck out the fat,but alas, I really don't think that would really make me happy.  I am going to have to work to get this off and be proud of myself.

I have printed off this picture and will be picking up two 8x10 pics tonight. One is for the fridge and one is for the cupboard door. I also have changed my wallpaper on my I-phone to the same pic.  Some may think I am crazy,but I need to remind myself when I go to the fridge or cupboard what I really look like. I like the inside me,I just need to fix the outside me!

Namaste...double yoga tonight!

Morning Ladies....

Didn't get to post last night. I thought my head was going to come off my shoulders. Bad headache....probably my body protesting the changes LOL!

I accomplished my run yesterday.  I wanted to do it first thing in the morning..AKA 6:30AM....but forgot my daughter had to leave for the  horse stables early too. So mommy stayed in bed a bit later. By lunch time I was so ready and geared up. It was a beautiful day for a run.  The sun was not as hot as it was last week,and there was a beautiful breeze....perfection. Now believe me I am doing this very slowly,but it felt great!!! Is it silly to hope that none of my neighbors see me?? I really don't want them questioning me and maybe making fun of me. I really should not care what others think but right now I am very self conscious running at this size.  Although when I see women of my size running,I felt jealous that they were doing it and I wasn't!!

Eats were good yesterday and all 10 glasses of water were drank.  I did have to go to bed early, as the pain in my head was too much to bear.  That made me miss my yoga challenge, but I plan on doing double the time tonight to make up for it!

Have a fantastic day ladies!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Do you ever wonder why you find it hard to lose weight?

I have tried many ways to lose weight. I have done Weight Watchers, numerous times, only to lose the same 2 lbs over and over again. This normally continues for about 6 weeks, then I get frustrated, and stay away for a few months.  When I met my husband I weighed around 110 lbs, mind you I probably was too thin.  I ran 6-8 km a day and lifted weights . I felt amazing, but my diet was very very low calorie. I ate as minimal amount of food as I could.

 I have seen doctors to see if it was my thyroid or something medical. I have recently reconfirmed that I have sleep apnea.  It is mild and I have a CPAP machine for a month, to see if that helps. I am currently sleep deprived, having about 34 sleep disturbances an hour. When this happens,my blood pressure  rises and so does my  glucose, as it puts my body in a state of "fight or flight".

I can easily gain  3 lbs in a week but not being "really really careful" about what goes in my mouth! I went to Montreal,for a long weekend with my Mom, to visit my oldest daughter and gained 6 lbs!!! I asked my Mom if she gained anything....nope stayed the exact same!

I have tried buying clothes that I love, in smaller sizes, to see if that encourages me to try harder. I have so much Lululemon clothing, that I am embarrassed to show people!

SOOOOOOO I really thought I must have the most whacked out metabolism that ever existed! I tried searching last week to see if I could find some place that did that kind of testing but to no avail!
BUT I did have an appointment today, at a place that specializes in "Alternative Nutritional" consultations.
What  an eye opener! Everything made sense and I can totally understand why I have been going in circles for years! I really hope that this helps me achieve my goals. I know it is going to be hard work, but I need to feed my body with clean food.

I am so excited for the upcoming week. I signed up for a 7 day Yoga challenge, which I started today. I love Yoga and I don't know why I don't do it more often at home. It was a little difficult as  the three youngest kiddies thought it would be fun to watch Mommy do her poses. Namaste ♥
Tomorrow morning is C25k time,and my legs feel great from Saturday's run!
Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Gulp....180.6 LBS

Well I did it.....I stepped on the scale this morning.  It wasn't pretty and I am still in shock. I believe I weighed this much 6 years ago, when I was still pregnant for my last daughter. It's done and it's time to make some steps first.

 I had to set my alarm this morning, not for work, but to make sure I made it in time for my 9 am hot stone massage at Embrace Spa. 
Grabbed my Starbucks coffee to go cup and my Just US coffee and away I went. 

One hour and a half of pure towels and stones,lavender scented massage oil and strong hands. The best part of all, was not hearing "Mommy".  I so needed a break away from my kiddies.  Daddy was gone last week on business to PEI and I was left alone to be super Mom!

Next stop was grocery shopping. I really find if I don't have fresh fruit and healthy snacks in the house, I eat too much junk. Fridge is now nice and full for a few days LOL.
 Had quick lunch of a sourdough bread sandwich with red onion,alfalfa sprouts,sliced chicken,and some old cheddar cheese and a nice fresh peach!

Decided that this beautiful sunny day was not going to hold me back. I grabbed my favorite water bottle,my I phone and sneakers and took off to start my Couch to 5km training.  The sun was super hot and my feet felt like lead pipes and my butt was a jiggling mess, but I did it, and you know what ....It felt fantastic!!
 I can't wait till Monday to do it again! 

This is my new best friend today!
Gotta get that water in ladies!!

I feel like my mojo just may be returning!

PS I big thank-you to Lynn!
She had been so encouraging in answering my questions to start a blog!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Tomorrow is Weigh in Day

What's a 45 year old , mother of 4 children aged 25,10,8, and 6 doing starting a blog ? Looking for support baby! It's plain and simple. I need some help and motivation. I only started reading blogs about 6 months ago and love the support that I see women giving each other...a pat on the back,a blog award and friendships that knows no borders.
I have to start again and there is no waiting until Monday and stuffing my face until it gets here. I feel so uncomfortable in my clothes and the start date is tomorrow!! I am going on vacation in three weeks to see my hubbies family in Ontario and I am embarrassed at how much weight I have gained.
I need to make take time for myself and start feeling better about myself again. How am I going to do this, you may too??? Is getting up at 6 am and starting the a way to start. I'll let you know very soon. If I get real brave, I may even post some "before pics"!
Welcome to my  life. I hope you stick around to enjoy the fun!