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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Do you ever wonder why you find it hard to lose weight?

I have tried many ways to lose weight. I have done Weight Watchers, numerous times, only to lose the same 2 lbs over and over again. This normally continues for about 6 weeks, then I get frustrated, and stay away for a few months.  When I met my husband I weighed around 110 lbs, mind you I probably was too thin.  I ran 6-8 km a day and lifted weights . I felt amazing, but my diet was very very low calorie. I ate as minimal amount of food as I could.

 I have seen doctors to see if it was my thyroid or something medical. I have recently reconfirmed that I have sleep apnea.  It is mild and I have a CPAP machine for a month, to see if that helps. I am currently sleep deprived, having about 34 sleep disturbances an hour. When this happens,my blood pressure  rises and so does my  glucose, as it puts my body in a state of "fight or flight".

I can easily gain  3 lbs in a week but not being "really really careful" about what goes in my mouth! I went to Montreal,for a long weekend with my Mom, to visit my oldest daughter and gained 6 lbs!!! I asked my Mom if she gained anything....nope stayed the exact same!

I have tried buying clothes that I love, in smaller sizes, to see if that encourages me to try harder. I have so much Lululemon clothing, that I am embarrassed to show people!

SOOOOOOO I really thought I must have the most whacked out metabolism that ever existed! I tried searching last week to see if I could find some place that did that kind of testing but to no avail!
BUT I did have an appointment today, at a place that specializes in "Alternative Nutritional" consultations.
What  an eye opener! Everything made sense and I can totally understand why I have been going in circles for years! I really hope that this helps me achieve my goals. I know it is going to be hard work, but I need to feed my body with clean food.

I am so excited for the upcoming week. I signed up for a 7 day Yoga challenge, which I started today. I love Yoga and I don't know why I don't do it more often at home. It was a little difficult as  the three youngest kiddies thought it would be fun to watch Mommy do her poses. Namaste ♥
Tomorrow morning is C25k time,and my legs feel great from Saturday's run!
Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend.


  1. glad you found something you think might work for you. Good luck on the yoga challenge and the c25k once again!

  2. I'd be interested in hearing more about this "Alternative Nutritional" consultation. Is this where they take your blood and test for food allergies, and basically tell you what foods have a negative effect on your system? If so, I'd love the name of the place you went.

    Glad you're enjoying the yoga challenge and good luck with your run this morning!

  3. Hi Lynn
    I went to see Gerard at "The Health Basket" on Cole Harbour Rd. You just need to know your blood type when you go in. I am blood type A+ and was shocked at what he could tell me about myself. From the way my legs feel to sleep problems and not being able to lose weight! It takes about a month sometimes to get in to see him. Mind you I could only go on a weekend. This man knows so much about healthy living. He came highly recommended from a couple of friends. There is no charge to see him either!

  4. I think the best program is the one that you stick to!! Can't wait to hear what changes you make!