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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Gulp....180.6 LBS

Well I did it.....I stepped on the scale this morning.  It wasn't pretty and I am still in shock. I believe I weighed this much 6 years ago, when I was still pregnant for my last daughter. It's done and it's time to make some steps first.

 I had to set my alarm this morning, not for work, but to make sure I made it in time for my 9 am hot stone massage at Embrace Spa. 
Grabbed my Starbucks coffee to go cup and my Just US coffee and away I went. 

One hour and a half of pure towels and stones,lavender scented massage oil and strong hands. The best part of all, was not hearing "Mommy".  I so needed a break away from my kiddies.  Daddy was gone last week on business to PEI and I was left alone to be super Mom!

Next stop was grocery shopping. I really find if I don't have fresh fruit and healthy snacks in the house, I eat too much junk. Fridge is now nice and full for a few days LOL.
 Had quick lunch of a sourdough bread sandwich with red onion,alfalfa sprouts,sliced chicken,and some old cheddar cheese and a nice fresh peach!

Decided that this beautiful sunny day was not going to hold me back. I grabbed my favorite water bottle,my I phone and sneakers and took off to start my Couch to 5km training.  The sun was super hot and my feet felt like lead pipes and my butt was a jiggling mess, but I did it, and you know what ....It felt fantastic!!
 I can't wait till Monday to do it again! 

This is my new best friend today!
Gotta get that water in ladies!!

I feel like my mojo just may be returning!

PS I big thank-you to Lynn!
She had been so encouraging in answering my questions to start a blog!


  1. Way to go! Sounds like you're off to a great start!

  2. Looking good! Keep up the enthusiasm! It will take you far!

  3. Keep up the good work..I recomitted to losing *the rest* of my weight 2 weeks's a great feeling :)

  4. your massage sounds AWESOME!! I'm just leaving for one now - but it is to work out my knots..... maybe if I imagine one like you had while I'm having mine.. it won't hurt as much! HAHA

    We have almost identical water bottles! Mine says I "heart" running though - although I do also "heart" lulu!!

    Good that you now have a starting point - here's to never seeing that # again!! (cyber klinking of matching water bottles!!)

  5. Just remember that number is just a piece of information for you! It's not bad it's not good it just is what it is.
    You have a start and now onto a great journey ahead! Can't wait to see you succeed in all your goals.

  6. Sorry I missed you latest posts, they didn't show up in my google reader. I think I fixed the issue though!

    The number is just a starting point, if you're eating healthy and being active it's going to drop in no time! :)

    Great job on the run!

    PS. We have the same Lulu bottle.