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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

See that picture right there below

That is not quite what I see in the mirror. I knew I had put on a good twenty pounds in the last few months. I can feel it when I sit,my boobies and stomach touch LOL. I knew I was bigger and nothing really fits right anymore,in fact, other than Lululemon yoga pants, nothing fits!!! BUT when I look in the mirror I wonder why I don't see quite the same girl?? I am shocked at the roundness of my face,and well the rest....I want it GONE! I just wish I could take a giant vacuum and suck out the fat,but alas, I really don't think that would really make me happy.  I am going to have to work to get this off and be proud of myself.

I have printed off this picture and will be picking up two 8x10 pics tonight. One is for the fridge and one is for the cupboard door. I also have changed my wallpaper on my I-phone to the same pic.  Some may think I am crazy,but I need to remind myself when I go to the fridge or cupboard what I really look like. I like the inside me,I just need to fix the outside me!

Namaste...double yoga tonight!


  1. I really get your point about "not seeing" the weight until you see "the" picture (the one that makes you cringe). It's your body and it carries you around. You don't always realize it's parts are all touching when you sit down. LOL.

    I think having that photo up is an awesome idea to keep you inspired to keep at it and get a healthier body. Keep up the awesomeness!


  2. I don't think you're crazy at all. I"ve done that too before. Recently I changed my profile pic on facebook to a pic of me when I was thin. Not to 'fool' my FB friends into thinking I already lost the weight (trust me they know I haven't), but to motivate me every time I saw that picture...sadly I check FB A LOT.

  3. You are a strong and determined woman and I applaud you for this step! Time and patience and energy are all involved in achieving the success I know you will!