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Friday, July 23, 2010

Tomorrow is Weigh in Day

What's a 45 year old , mother of 4 children aged 25,10,8, and 6 doing starting a blog ? Looking for support baby! It's plain and simple. I need some help and motivation. I only started reading blogs about 6 months ago and love the support that I see women giving each other...a pat on the back,a blog award and friendships that knows no borders.
I have to start again and there is no waiting until Monday and stuffing my face until it gets here. I feel so uncomfortable in my clothes and the start date is tomorrow!! I am going on vacation in three weeks to see my hubbies family in Ontario and I am embarrassed at how much weight I have gained.
I need to make take time for myself and start feeling better about myself again. How am I going to do this, you may too??? Is getting up at 6 am and starting the a way to start. I'll let you know very soon. If I get real brave, I may even post some "before pics"!
Welcome to my  life. I hope you stick around to enjoy the fun!


  1. Welcome to blogland!! I'm so glad that you started a blog, am excited to follow your journey.

    Definitely post some pics too, no judgement here. It's just nice to put a name to a face. :)

    Good luck starting tomorrow. Let us know how your run goes, what your eats are like etc.

  2. Welcome to bloggerville :)
    Can't wait to see you succeed in your journey! Hope your having a great weekend.

  3. Welcome!

    Before you know it, you'll be thinking in point form and shouting "BLOG FODDER!" at interesting moments.

  4. welcome! can't wait to get to know you

  5. Welcome to blogland!! You've come to the right place is you are looking for support.

  6. All the best to you, Conny! I know you'll find lots of support here.

  7. Welcome! I'm excited to read about you and your journey! You're already my hero with 4 kids :) I have two boys - just headed back to work after maternity leave for my second and almost at the exact same weight as you. Good luck!

  8. Welcome to blogging! You'll find lots of support here. I'm doing the yoga challenge and I've done the C25K...I'm excited to learn how you'll do.
    You can do it!!!! Hell, if I can...anyone can! ;-)

  9. Welcome to the Blogging atmosphere. We are the best, are we not? We support, inspire, and motivate. Great to have you here.


  10. WOW!
    I'm new to this and Conny was so kind to include me in this special group. We have been Friends for a VERY long time and I am so proud of her and continue to be encouraged and inspired !
    I need a good kick in the Gluteus Max. as well and hope to be a part of this process...

  11. I love your comments and am so happy to see that you've decided to join the community - It will change your life :-)