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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Anyone up for a Challenge??

As mentioned in earlier posts, the C25k is going great.  I really wanted to finish up week 2 today, but it looks like I have gotten rained out. Please believe me when I say I could do it today in the rain,but I am a little scared of falling and hindering all my progress.  I did do one of the workouts Saturday morning in PEI in a light rain which felt wonderful! Today it is pouring here.

I feel I need to start something else and remembered I had bookmarked a site a few months back. Here it is ladies and you need nothing but time to complete it!

200 squats

I am going to start tonight and hopefully this will complement my running program.

My eats are going really well.  I don't think I really mentioned what I am following, but I have cut wheat out of my diet and most dairy at this time. I really think the lack of bread/crackers and eating more protein is really helping me lose the weight. I am excited to get weighed this week as it looks like I have lost more weight which I never want to find nor recycle again!

What are you doing this week to challenge yourself?

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  1. Keep it up Hon, my waistline is depending on it! LOL [Like you didn't have enough pressure eh!]