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Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I am on a quest to make the best smoothie ever. This last one I just made for supper came pretty close to being perfect. Although I am sure I lost weight by having to suck so hard to get it through the straw. In went some of my new ingredients I just purchased tonight

Into my Kitchen Aid blender went :
1 cup Unsweetened Almond Milk
1/4 cup Organic Vanilla Yogurt
2 tbsp Salba
1 scoop Vegan Smoothie Infusion
5 Frozen Strawberries
1/2 Cup Frozen Blueberries
Drizzle of Agave Syrup

Gave that a quick spin around and poured it into a nice frosty mug....YUMMY but a bit too thick. Next time I will add a bit more almond milk.  I am not sure what makes it so thick, the vegan mix or the salba??
Anyways I am sure I won't be hungry for a while after that workout supper!

I went and bought the agave syrup to replace the splenda I have been using in my coffee in the mornings.  I have been eating so well the past few weeks,and realized this morning I needed to break free from the splenda too.

Here is a food day in the life of Conny:
3 cups of coffee in one gigantic mug (please be aware this is my only coffee of the day)
1 cup of organic rice puffs with almond milk and 1/2 cup of fresh blueberries on top

Mid-morning snack
1 golden delicious apple

2 slices of carrot spelt bread
4 ounces tuna with a bit of mayo and green onion

Mid afternoon snack: (I knew I was going to be having a late supper)
1 plum
5 sesame rice crakers
8 homemade roasted almonds

Smoothie above

I am also on my last water bottle, which will bring me to 10 glasses for the day.
I am thinking not great on the veggies today, but hoping that what was in the Vegan Smoothie Infusion will partly make that up.

One of the biggest changes since I started eating healthy, is that I have given up diet grapefruit pop.  I was addicted and drank almost a 2 litre a day. I really think since I gave it up, it has taken away my night snacking and the craving for chips/popcorn crackers etc.

I just want to leave you with a funny story about my C25k run yesterday.  As you might have read I have started running on a trail near my home.  I peed before I left the house, but after my second run, I knew I really,really had to go again.(remember too I have had 4 kids).  Since I was on the trail I took the chance....I looked ahead...nobody in site.....I looked behind.....nobody in site.  I stepped two feet off the trail and with my lily white butt facing the direction I was running I peed......and while I was looking at the direction I had just come from, with my panties and capris around my ankles, doesn't a guy on a bike go by.......I promise you this.....I will never wear the same outfit I wore yesterday to run in, for fear of seeing this man again and having him recognize me or at least my ass!!!!

 I am getting a bit nervous about being on vacation and keeping up the great eating.  I just feel so determined this time that I think know I can keep in control of what goes in my mouth.
Fourty- five with fourty- five pounds to lose.....I'm on my way!!


  1. LOL, you crack me up!! :) I wouldn't worry about it, you probably just made him laugh too!

    Smoothie ingredient look great.

    Let us know what you though of the Agave Syrup, I try to stay away from artificial sweeteners too. (except for the very occasional diet pepsi) and just use raw, organic sugar in my coffee and honey in my tea. I've never used Agave though.

  2. Agave Nectar was great in the coffee but i would like something with less calories!! Going to buy me some Just Us Organic sugar!!

  3. That is hilarious! No reason to be ashamed, he doesn't know you!

    That smoothie sounds good, I have asked for a magic bullet for my birthday so I can start making them too! Great way to add fruit!

  4. I Love the Full moon story- you have to turn this around and just think how lucky HE WAS to have gotten a peek! LOL
    The smoothie does sound great but could you tell me what the "SALBA"is?
    Just a little note to others- please be careful when you ask your 23 year old daughter if you can borrow her "SILVER BULLET" because I was wanted to make smoothies for a week or so... She SNAPPED her head around and looked horrified and said" ARE YOU SURE YOU DON'T MEAN the MAGIC BULLET???
    OMG -was my face read!!!
    I don't think SHE wanted to know that her Mother knew what a Silver Bullet was- and I didn't care to know that my daughter did EITHER! LOL