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Saturday, September 11, 2010

It's Saturday...weigh in day!

Down 1.4 lbs....I'll take it! 

Was hoping for a bit more of a jump.  A loss is a loss, and as long as the scale is going down, I am happy.

I joined the world of Weight Watchers Online on Friday.  I received an email where there was no sign up fee. This made it a savings of about $40,so I figured I would try tracking to keep me in line. I have been eating the right food for my body, but wonder sometimes if I might be eating too much. Inputting all my data yesterday made me think I have been eating too much. I really would like to lose this 45 lbs by my 46th birthday on February 8,2011.

I finished week 5 of the C25k program this week.  Today was my last run of the week and it was a 5 minute brisk walk,followed by a 25 minute run with no breaks,then another 5 minute cool down walk. I won't lie, I was a bit intimidated again, as the most I had been running was 8 minutes...what the heck were they thinking going from 8 to 25 minutes??? I told myself that if I needed to stop for a break, I would.....BUT I never even felt like I had to!!!! I set a good pace for myself and I know I could have run for even longer.  Mind you my legs are really feeling it now, but it is a good pain. The kind of pain that lets you know your body is working with you.

Looking forward to starting week 6 of the program on Monday.  I am even thinking of doing this run in October, before I do the Muir Winery run on November 6th.  Maybe once I have finished next weeks run I will make the decision. In December,there is the Santa Shuffle which would be fun to do if there isn't any snow. After those 3 runs,it will be time to start training for a 10 k in the spring
: )
I think I got the runner's bug!

Just to end on a funny note, my butt is still sore from last weekend's bike riding. Who would have thought with all that cushion?? LOL.  I am hoping to do an hours bike ride tomorrow, as the weather so far is showing a sunny day.  Hope the sun in shining in your part of the world too!


  1. Wow, Connie!! That's really awesome on the Running, and the Weigh in!!

    p.s. I love using WW online!


  2. Way to go on the running and the loss!!!!

    ps. I have started tracking my points using e-tools and I love it! good luck with it yourself!!!

  3. I saw you on Syl's Little Victims, I am one too. I have 3 kids, will be 46 in January and have lost the same 2 pounds on WW that you have. I just had to say hello!!

  4. hey!! you have a wonderful blog. thanks for sharing your weight lost progress here. keep it up and never give up. you can do it.