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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Honestly I'm scared.

There I said it. I am signed up for my first 5 km run next Saturday. Here are my excuses for not going:

1-I don't think I can do it! Seriously,I don't think I can run 5 km YET! I missed a good three weeks of running due to a "man cold" and my husband traveling a lot in the month of October.

2-Today I finished week 8 of the C25k. Yes I can run for 28 minutes straight BUT I am so f**ing slow,the walkers will be passing me.

3-My hip has really been hurting and I think it is because I am not losing any weight and running is flaring up my bursitis.

OK now you can all call me a wimp and tell me everything will be fine,but I am so upset inside and disappointed in myself. Why am I being like this and why won't my body let go of this weight??



  1. Some advice from a girl who ran her first 5K in June.

    Don't be stubburn and run the whole thing just because. I did, but really it's not worth it. You'll actually have a better time if you run/walk the thing and don't exhaust yourself...this was proven as I've run 3 other 5Ks this way.

    Even though you can run for 28min straight (which rocks) run 10s and 1s instead. It is so much better mentally to do it this way and less exhausting in the end.

    Good luck!

  2. ps. My hips have been really hurting me too and I actually just went to the doc about it. He think it could be from just doing too much too soon, so be careful and don't push yourself! Walking 5K is better than sitting on the couch still after all!

  3. It doesn't matter how fast you go, it just matters that you go. I am positive you can do 5K with the training you've done already. You can walk part of it, nothing to feel bad about there, others walk the whole thing. You can run 28 minutes straight -- I can't do that but I have walked/run a 5K, so if i can do it and am not as fit as you are, I know you can do it!!!

    You will feel so proud of yourself when you finish!

  4. You will do fine! I've had the same things bothering me for my first 5K but you know what: the thrill of a race makes you push harder and you will finish, just run at your own pace and enjoy it.

  5. I say DO IT! You will feel amazing once you finish it. And DON'T WORRY about being slow - the beauty of running is that EVERY runner is different :)

  6. If you can run 28m min., you can do it. It is ok to run/walk. I have felt like I was the last in a race and it made me crazy, but I wasn't and I finished. Also, adrenaline kicks in on race day.
    Make sure to take care of, advil, will be fun!
    "The race is the celebration of the training"

  7. YIPPPPPEEEE!!!!!!!