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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Honestly I'm scared.

There I said it. I am signed up for my first 5 km run next Saturday. Here are my excuses for not going:

1-I don't think I can do it! Seriously,I don't think I can run 5 km YET! I missed a good three weeks of running due to a "man cold" and my husband traveling a lot in the month of October.

2-Today I finished week 8 of the C25k. Yes I can run for 28 minutes straight BUT I am so f**ing slow,the walkers will be passing me.

3-My hip has really been hurting and I think it is because I am not losing any weight and running is flaring up my bursitis.

OK now you can all call me a wimp and tell me everything will be fine,but I am so upset inside and disappointed in myself. Why am I being like this and why won't my body let go of this weight??


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Funny things about blogs......

Is people really do read them!

There have been some changes in blogland and one of my favorites is taking a break. 
Maybe subconsciously, I thought it was time to take a break too! I have been under the weather for the last
two weeks with a cold....felt like a "man cold" for all you married ladies!
I felt run down, and my husband was away for work. So I made excuses...yes I did. I could have moved my body a few of those days,but instead I had a pity party. 

I did not run for two weeks!

I felt yucky and the scale did not move, in fact it went in the wrong direction.
I was starting to get worried,was I slipping backwards?? I kept telling myself,
"today I will run",
but it wasn't happening.

Yesterday morning when I got up,I dressed for a run. I knew that it was time. No more excuses.
Yes, I was a bit slower,but I did it.... and can finally say, I am finished Week 7 of the C25k.
Surprisingly, I could have kept running........what  a feeling.

I hope I have my mojo back, because I love this feeling!

One of the motivating factors to get me moving
was from a friend on Facebook. I asked for some of her motivation,
and she told me she got it from me, and a pair of hot black skinny jeans!

The point to my post is that I read blogs as often as I can. I don't post a lot of comments on 
the blogs I read. Truthfully, I don't get very many posts on my own blog. In fact when I get a comment,
you would probably laugh if you so just how excited I get! 

Today I noticed a tab for stats. I had never seen it before and clicked on it.
OMG people are reading what I write. That my friends is tres cool!
To keep my mojo running, I take bits and pieces from some great blogs,
and hopefully today, you take a little piece from mine.