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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Funny things about blogs......

Is people really do read them!

There have been some changes in blogland and one of my favorites is taking a break. 
Maybe subconsciously, I thought it was time to take a break too! I have been under the weather for the last
two weeks with a cold....felt like a "man cold" for all you married ladies!
I felt run down, and my husband was away for work. So I made excuses...yes I did. I could have moved my body a few of those days,but instead I had a pity party. 

I did not run for two weeks!

I felt yucky and the scale did not move, in fact it went in the wrong direction.
I was starting to get worried,was I slipping backwards?? I kept telling myself,
"today I will run",
but it wasn't happening.

Yesterday morning when I got up,I dressed for a run. I knew that it was time. No more excuses.
Yes, I was a bit slower,but I did it.... and can finally say, I am finished Week 7 of the C25k.
Surprisingly, I could have kept running........what  a feeling.

I hope I have my mojo back, because I love this feeling!

One of the motivating factors to get me moving
was from a friend on Facebook. I asked for some of her motivation,
and she told me she got it from me, and a pair of hot black skinny jeans!

The point to my post is that I read blogs as often as I can. I don't post a lot of comments on 
the blogs I read. Truthfully, I don't get very many posts on my own blog. In fact when I get a comment,
you would probably laugh if you so just how excited I get! 

Today I noticed a tab for stats. I had never seen it before and clicked on it.
OMG people are reading what I write. That my friends is tres cool!
To keep my mojo running, I take bits and pieces from some great blogs,
and hopefully today, you take a little piece from mine.


  1. You have been away...The stat tab has been around a couple weeks. Anyway, glad your feeling better and I commend you for finishing Week 7 of the C25k.

  2. Welcome back ;0)
    Great work on finishing Week 7!!!!

  3. Hi! Thought I'd leave a comment after reading your post (and saying you get very few of them!). I found your blog through the healthy living blogs site and I'm a blogger from the Annapolis Valley (I live just outside of Berwick if you want to get specific) so I wanted to say Hi! :)

  4. Good job getting back in the running game. It is hard to do.

  5. I'm like you, Conny. Little happy dance when I get comments. I also love the feeling of clicking into my stats to see that people really are reading!

    I don't always comment (lazy blog follower!) but I'm here. I'm reading what you have to say.

  6. Well you can do a happy dance again because you've got another comment :)

    I don't have that many people who comment compared to other blogs but the ones who do comment are loyal blogger friends and I love them even though I've never seen them and probably never will as I live in Europe.

    Sometimes taking a break from running or working out improves your performance and you have a great run which reminds you again why you started it in the first place.

  7. Love this thoughts about your blog;
    On my way to getting back in shape and feeling better about myself. Learning to run again and clean,healthy eating are my main goals.