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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Muir Murray Winery 5 km - Goal Achieved

What a feeling crossing that finish line in the pouring rain! Thirty minutes for the 5 km run, in the rain and mud, along the dykes in beautiful Wolfville NS. A feeling like no other,and I am so proud of myself for doing it. Earlier in the week I had pretty well talked myself out of it. Thanks to the tremendous support of family and friends I accomplished my goal.
 Getting ready to line up. I was so lucky to have my best friend Jacqui with me for encouragement. She stood in the rain with me, so I could stay dry, under an umbrella until the race started.

Here is a cool shot of the runners running along the dykes. It was quite muddy and a few runners chose to run up on top of the dykes.

I was feeling fantastic when I reached the half way point, where the wine station was situated. I was actually so surprised, that I asked someone if this was where I was to turn around for the 5 k. Asked if I was staying for a drink I replied "hell no" and ran off. I knew if I stopped I would lose my momentum!
When I knew I was getting close to the end, I looked at my watch and was shocked to see how fast I was going. There was a really good chance I was going to make it in 30 minutes. My goal was to do the run in 40 minutes, so the adrenalin really set in and my legs found strength from deep within.
 My best friend Jacqui was waiting at the finish line, in the car, trying to time when to get out to see me cross.  I was coming up to the end when she was exiting the car. Poor thing I was yelling at the top of my lungs
"JACQUI, I DID IT". People told me I would feel this rush and excitement, but I honestly can say it was one of the best moments of my life! To have one's best friend being at the finish line cheering you on was something I will never forget!

Shortly after receiving my gift bag,we headed off to Patty's Pub for brunch. This being a significant place for us girls. I have known Jacqui for over 28 years. Years ago we lost touch and lived a few hours apart. Thanks to Facebook and us having a mutual friend (that we had both made about 10 years ago) we are reunited. We met up a few years back, at a sweet coffee shop in Wolfville, then proceeded to Patty's for brunch. Jacqui is my soul mate girlfriend and I truly love her as the sister I never had!

 Here we are dressed in matching pink jackets that she bought for us for this day. Now to know Jacqui and her firey red hair,you would know she does not wear pink. To know me, is to know pink is my favorite color EVER!

 What a fantastic day this was. I know now, I can accomplish more than I give myself credit for. I have a fantastic support system of family and friends. Looking forward to starting my 10 k training. Hoping to do a few more 5k races in December and then the Bluenose 10 k in May.

I have definitely been bitten by the running bug! 


  1. Wow, Conny, congratulations on this huge achievement!!! Your race report is terrific and I can really feel your excitement!

  2. I am so emotional after reading this... I have SO many things I want to say and so many that I just want to hold between just the two of us. Our friendship is so precious to me it's hard to express...
    This is a day to focus on Conny's success and DRIVE. I am sooo PROUD - it just doesn't seem like a "BIG" enough word.
    The week or two before the race, Conny was very apprehensive . Even the night before we were having a huge discussion on weather she should do it. I was trying to encourage herBUT the weather was TERRIBLE the day before with hurricane force winds and rain so strong it was blowing sideways. We had power outages and tree limbs down and car accidents due to the terrible road conditions. It was forecasted to continue the next 2 days as well. We ended the conversation knowing the decision to run would be made EARLY in the morning.
    The next morning I have to say I was SHOCKED to get a call that she was on the road and for me to get my ass out of bed because she was DOING IT!
    I jumped in the car and drove the half hour to meet her. She had grabbed me a hot tea , I jumped in her car and away we went!
    The rest as they say is history!

    Conny accomplished her goal and proved it to herself that she could accomplish this goal- I KNEW SHE COULD DO IT ALL ALONG!!!
    Love ya to the moon and back,

  3. One other thing- I DO Hate Pink [ because of my red hair] but every time I see that hideously pink yoga jacket it will be a lovely reminder of our great friendship and this fun experience we shared!!

  4. Great post, great accomplishment!

  5. Amazing Conny!!! Congratulations....keep setting goals, but always remember the triumph of achieving this first one, on your journey to the happier, healthier you. :) xox

  6. Wow Conny, what a fantastic result. Congratulations on a great race! You've been fantastic!

  7. Whoohoo!!! Congrats Conny, I loved reading your race recap - you did so awesome! That is an amazing time, hope you're damn proud of yourself. Isn't crossing the finish line one of the best feelings in the entire world?! :) And, even better you got to spend your special day with your best friend.

    PS. Yes, I still want to get together for coffee sometime soon.

  8. Congrats! How exciting !!!! I am running my first 5k in 2 weeks! I am excited and nervous! So gad you had such a great experience!

  9. Congrats!!!!

    Such an amazing feeling, isn't it! And oh what small world! I know Jacqui - and I was definitely surprised to see her in pink!! (I used to be a client of hers, my mom still is)

    Good luck with the 10K training!!


  10. What a great tale and a fantastic run! Congrats on your 5K and your blazing fast time! I wish that running bug would bite me officially already - I still find it a challenge!

  11. What an inspiration you are! Way to go Conny!

  12. Congrats! That is a HUGE accomplishment!

  13. Fantastic. And we both did our first run in the same month and year, so I can share in your feelings - such an achievement for us both! We rock :) you rock ;)
    Got ur message on my blog, thanks will add u there when I go to my computer. And now from ur comment I have u on my blogroll.

  14. Congrats on your achievement, you should be proud. That is a ton of hard work and preparation! I would love to run a race in such a beautiful setting. Perhaps someday I will make it up to that part of the country.

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