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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I gotta feeling......................that its gonna be a great week!!!

Try singing that to the tune of the Black Eyes Peas.....LOL

Had a nice couple of nights away in PEI, with no over indulgences on my part. The great part is that my friend is very into healthy eating and even had spelt bread for my morning toast. I also got a great recipe for a smoothie.  Any suggestions on protein powder? I was thinking of buying some of the vanilla whey from Costco. Please feel free to leave some suggestions.

My girlfriend and I got up and went to the Charlottetown Farmers Market on Saturday morning and I was in heaven.  I wish I would have brought my camera there to capture some great pictures.  What a great little market with so much fresh produce! If you are ever in Charlottetown it is so worth it!

I did have a delicious ice cream from the Cow Ice Cream Factory. I needed to get the kiddies out of the house for a drive and they knew the Cow Factory was very close to where we were staying   : )
Our friends don't have children at home so there wasn't a lot for them to do.

After playing in a hammock.....
Driving his sister all over the yard in a wheelbarrel......

And trying to get a 10 year old off my laptop.....

 This sounded like a great idea!

Anyways enough of my family LOL, this is suppose to be about me getting healthy. I am finishing Week 2 of C25k tomorrow....and that is making me so happy!! I am now in the process of challenging my bestest friend to a 5 km run in November. Lynn at had talked about this run at a Winery in Wolfville. Doesn't this sound like a great place to do my first official run! I'll keep you updated!!


  1. Good for you!!! I was wondering how you were going to make out while you were away- such a challenge!

    For those of you that don't know about "COWS" it's an incredible Ice cream Shop you really can't pass up . Give up anything else in the daily diet to allow for it if you are travelling in the Maritimes- you won't be disappointed!
    Conny you have inspired me and today was way in day[ one week down]and I am pleased to report I am 4.2 pounds down. I am pleased with that but more than that I had a change- I didn't once think "WOW , what can I eat as my reward" -THAT IS HUGE FOR ME!!! I just thought , good keep it up . SIMPLE!

  2. Jacqui [ aka ,Copper6606] LOL

  3. Jaqui I am so proud of you!! That is an amazing loss. I didn't realize it until you wrote it but I did the same thing. Normally on Saturdays it is a free for all eating day. I didn't even think like that this week. I was so happy with my weight loss I just wanted to keep working hard!!